100 DTL Results – Saturday 7th April

In much milder conditions of late, 54 competitors took part in today’s 100 DTL shoot. High Gun with a 100/296 was Chris Stewart.  Class winners were:  AA Richard Greenlaw 100/295 ; A Jim Fairlie 100/295; B John Harrold 98/290 ; C Helen Burnett 97/284 .

Winner of the 2nd place in the £1000 shoot-off to be held on Saturday 28th April was James Fairlie.


In the Lucky Shooter competition, after a protracted shoot-off, the winner was Alan Wilson, 2nd Kenny Jones, 3rd Donald Mackay, 4th Frank Strachan and 5th John Sinclair.

Winner of the 20 Single Barrel Pool Shoot-off who proceeds to the Grand Shoot-off on the 28th April was Iain Hepburn.

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