100 DTL Thursday 26th April

Sunshine, showers and the occasional downpour did little to dampen the spirits of the 62 competitors taking part in today’s third £1000 qualifier.  Taking the High Gun spot was Willie Bruce on 100/297, 2 points clear of Kevan Smith on 100/295 who beat David Caithness to win AA class.  Willie Lamont won A class on 99/292, Ian Miller B class on 99/293 and Willie Wilson C class on 93/274.

These 5 went head-to-head for the 3rd spot in Saturday’s £1000, with Kevan Smith shooting a perfect 25/75 to emerge the winner.

In the Lucky Shooter shoot-off 1st was Danny Beattie, 2nd Gilly Naisby, 3rd Ian Miller, 4th Eddie Jedan and 5th A McDonald.

Winning the single barrel pool trap shoot-off was Richard Greenlaw, who goes forward to the final on Saturday.


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