100 DTL Friday 27th April

A day of steadily improving weather conditions led to another high scoring day for the 77 competitors at the 4th £1000 qualifier.  High Gun on 100/298 was John D Mackenzie.  Winner of AA was Kevan Smith on 100/296, but since he won the qualifier yesterday, there was a three-way tie for the AA spot between Scott Masson, Ivor McBay and David Caithness, with Scott finally taking the spot. Craig McIntosh 98/293 beat Dochy Ormiston 99/293 to take A class.  B class winner was Gus MacDonald 99/293 and C class winner was Ian Love 95/280.

Taking the 4th spot in tomorrow’s £1000 shoot-of was John Mackenzie.

In the Lucky Shooter shoot-off 1st was Scott Masson, 2nd Dochy Ormiston, 3rd Cath Fraser, 4th Raymond Dingwall, and 5th Stuart Pape.

Going through to the Pool Trap shoot-off tomorrow was Mark Campbell.


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