Reid Outdoors OT GP – final results

There was more sunshine today and yesterday’s big hitters continued their fine form.  After 200 targets, high gun was John MacDonald on 183 narrowly beating Ewen Ross by one point.  Class winners were: B Ewen Ross 182; C Calum Fraser 172; D Ru Ri MacDonald 160.


The top 6 for the ISSF final were John MacDonald, Ewen Ross, John Falconer, Calum Fraser, Chris Sockalingam and Shona Marshall.  After 25 targets, Calum was eliminated on 16.  After 30 targets Chris  went out on 21.  After 35 targets, Ewen Ross was next leave having hit 25.  In third place after 40 targets was John Falconer on 29.  This left John and Shona to shoot the last 10, John being one point ahead.  John made a couple of mistakes in the next 5, whilst Shona went clean leaving her 1 point in the lead.  Both went on to miss 2 in the final 5 making Shona the winner of the Reid Outdoors OT GP Trophy.


Winners of the pairs event was Ewen Ross and Charlie Hutchison, with Scott Anderson and Calum Fraser 2nd, and Shona Marshall and RuRi MacDonald 3rd.


 Many thanks again to the Reid family for their continued support.  Thanks also to everyone who helped and took part in the competition.



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