100 DTL 26th April – Results

Variable light conditions made their mark on today’s scores.  High gun on 100/295 was Richard Greenlaw.  Class winners were: AA Nigel Chapman 98/292; A Gordon Shankland 100/293; B Charlie Rautenberg 97/286; C Michael MacPerson 93/267.

DTL 04261DTL 04262DTL 04263

The £1000 qualifying shoot-off, due to Richard and Gordon already having secured a place in tomorrow’s grand final, and after another shoot-off to decide AA and A class entrants, was between Nigel, Iain Hepburn, Mark Campbell, Charlie and Michael.  It only took 25 targets for Mark to win with a 75, Charlie 2nd on 74 and Iain 3rd on 73.

Ian Laurie won the re-entry with Ivor McBay 2nd.

Please note that squads 11 and 12 kick off tomorrow at 10:30am.

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