Christmas Shoot Results

49 competitors took part in today’s 50 DTL Christmas shoot.  Overall High Gun was Darren Murray with a score of 49/146.  Trap A scores counted for class money prizes.  Winners were: AA Richard Greenlaw 25/74; A Cath Fraser 25/74; B Graham MacDonald 25/73; C Michael MacPherson and Darren Murray 25/74.


Shooting the only 25/75 of the day was Willie Wright who took first pick of the article table shot over Trap B.

The 25 OT re-entry was won by David Marello with a 23.

For all the results click these links: Christmas Shoot 14:12:19  25 OT 14:12:19

Many thanks to everyone for their support throughout the year.

Have a great Christmas and Good Shooting in 2020!

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