Saturday 8th May

100 DTL Registered

Our first 100 DTL registered shoot of the year will be held on Saturday 8th May.  Entries are restricted to 60 consisting of 2 separate competition bubbles of 30.  It is hoped that light refreshments will be available at the ground on a take-away basis.  Only the toilets and office will be accessible in the clubhouse.

On the entry form you will be given the opportunity to select your preferred peg, and whilst we will try our best to accommodate your choice, there is no guarantee that you will get that peg.  You will be required to referee one line, but not score or fill traps.  Further information regarding the necessary ground COVID protocols will be published on Friday 7th May, along with the squad order and times that you should arrive/leave the ground.  In order for us to run shoots that ensure your and the workers safety, these protocols MUST be adhered to.

To enter this competition please click on the link below and complete the provided form.

Thank you for your patience.

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