Chairman’s Statement – 25th September

I explained at our prize giving today that a noise complaint has been made against the ground at Glenmoriston.
The noise was assessed on the Friday/Saturday of the Scottish DTL championship.
We have met Environmental officers and our initial discussions have been relatively positive. I’ve asked that several more recordings take place on shoot days that are more representative of what we do. This has been agreed.
The meeting was a good opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding of what we actually do.
We don’t have an abatement order imposed and we are putting together a calendar of shoots as we would normally do at this time of year for 2022/23.
So in the meantime business as normal, which very much includes planning future competitions etc.
I will be discussing with the ground owner before mid October.
I thought I would just get this out into the public domain. If you have any comments, queries or suggestions to make, then you are very welcome to contact me.
I’ll keep you all posted.
All the best.

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