Saturday 19th February

Please see the squad order for our final 50 DTL Winter Series shoot which will start at 10.30am.  A 25 Sportrap re-entry will also be running tomorrow.  Catering is available and please remember that face coverings must be worn in the clubhouse.  The club AGM will be held in the afternoon.

DTL 1902

SCTA DTL Development Day:  if any of you have ear defenders/plugs and safety glasses, please bring them with you.  Please could group 1 arrive at 9.45am and group 2 11.30am.  Those shooting the 50 DTL, who intimated interest, will be able to take part after they have finished their competition.

Group 1:  Claire Bell; Archie Mackenzie; Tommy MacDonald; Lewis MacDonald; Amber Dunbar, Robert Casburn; Charlotte Scase; Ewen Casburn; Steve Casburn; Sarah Casburn; Lorn Mackay.

Group 2: John Schiller; Jackie Schiller; Derek Penfold; Fiona Penfold.

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