Saturday 19th February – Results

39 hardy shooters enjoyed bright crisp conditions today for the last of our 50 DTL Robert Kling Winter Series.  High Gun of the day was James Fairlie with a 49/144.  Class winners were: AA class Willie Smith; A class Andrew Young; B class Adrian Hargreaves; C class Kevin Stewart.

50 DTL 220219

Today’s results didn’t change the overall standings so Willie Lamont and Kenny Jones went head-to-head in a shoot off with Willie emerging the winner of the 2022 Robert Kling Winter Series Trophy.  Class trophy winners were: AA Kenny Jones; A Jory Roseveare; B David Brown; C David Marello.

Winter Series Totals

Andrew Young won the sportrap re-entry with an 18, Stacy Gennard second on 17.

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