DTL Winter Series Results

Cold, dry and windless conditions provided nice shooting conditions for today’s 40 competitors for the last 50 DTL competition at the club.  Taking part was Peter Mackay who competed at the first 50 DTL competition held on the ground 46 years ago.  High Gun today was Don Mackay with a 50/148.  Class winners were: AA class Peter Mackay 49/146; A class Gordon Shankland 50/146; B class (after shoot-off) Kevin Mackay 48/141; C class (after shoot-off) Grant MacDougall.


For all of today’s results click on the link: 18:02 DTL Results

Winner of the Robert Kling Trophy for the winter series was Stacy Gennard with 443 points, AA class winner was Scott Masson 432 points, A class winner was Kenny Jones with 437 points, B class winner was John Jackson with 423 points and C class winner was David Marello with 407 points.


For the Winter Series overall scores, click this link: WS Overall Scores

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